How to get Pakistani NADRA Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is an official declaration that two people are married. In Pakistan, there are two types of marriage certificates: (I) manual marriage certificate, also known as Nikkah Nama in Urdu. (ii) NADRA marriage certificate that is completely automated.

Manual marriage certificate / Nikkah Nama
The married couple first receives manual nikkah nama from the equivalent nikkah khawan (molvi), who solemnises the nikkah with an official stamp and the mark of an enrolled nikkah khawan.

Nikkah nama is an important and required record because it contains all important data and marks of the lady, her spouse, witnesses, and so on.
Marriage certificate issued by NADRA
NADRA marriage certificate is a fully automated check here archive that contains both Urdu and English content of married people. NADRA, like NADRA birth certificates, has created an extraordinary framework for providing NADRA marriage certificates.

NADRA does not simply issue these NADRA marriage certificates.

Pakistani NADRA marriage certificates can be obtained from the following experts in Pakistan, depending on your location and region:

TMA Office Cantonment Board Office Intervention Council in Islamabad Association Council

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